Community & Justice Awards Gala

For over 60 years, RICJ has recognized Rhode Island social justice leaders with the Community & Justice award, to honor their exemplary contributions to creating a society that values all of its members. RICJ's annual fundraising event.

Our annual Community & Justice Awards Gala will be held

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
5:00PM at the
Rhode Island State House
Join us in honoring

Ramona Royal
Talent Acquisition and Diversity Officer
Amica Mutual Insurance
with the help of the youth of the:
RICJ Youth Action Council's
Youth Facilitators

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Since 1953, the annual Community & Justice Awards have honored those who help create a society that values ALL its members.  It's our annual fundraiser and our social event of the year.   

On December 11th, join RICJ at the RI State House to celebrate Ramona Royal! Ramona is the Talent Acquisition and Diversity Officer at Amica Mutual Insurance, where she leads diversity initiatives across their 44 offices.  She is nationally recognized for her creative, out of the box storytelling approach to building Diversity Equity and Inclusion in corporate settings.  Her work establishing cultures of belonging in the workplace is a model for DEI professionals and an inspiration for RICJ's Youth Facilitators.  

Celebrate Ramona, celebrate Comm[UNITY], and celebrate RICJ Youth Facilitators who may follow in her footsteps some day. 

As always with RICJ, we do food, LOL!   You will enjoy wonderful diverse food from local ethnic restaurants at a reception in the Bell Area.   Tickets are $75 and sponsorships are available.  

Thank you for your support and for celebrating with us!

jpg 3 directors in 2012.jpg

Three generations of NCCJ & RICJ Executive Directors: 

Toby Ayers, Charlotte Penn and Tony Maione.


RICJ congratulates our 2018 and 2017 Community & Justice Award honorees!  In 2018, our theme was Comm[UNITY] and we celebrated Tony Maione's over 35 years of service as the long-time President and CEO of United Way of RI, and before that, as Executive Director of the National Conference for Community & Justice. Throughout his career, Tony has sought to bring young people in to the seats of power, as at United Way, he supported creation of the Young Leaders Circle. In 2017, we celebrated Providence and leaders building a dynamic, diverse city with a bright future.  Dan Baudouin, now-retired executive director of The Providence Foundation, facilitated partnerships that played key roles in moving rivers, cleaning streets, renovating historic buildings and shifting highways, over 24 years, all with an eye to the value of a diverse city.  We honored community volunteers of the new Providence and Central Falls Juvenile Hearing Boards, who create brighter futures and prevent the pipeline to prison for juveniles, providing resources, referrals and guidance that keep children and communities safe.


2018 C&J honoree Tony Maione of United Way RI.

2017 C&J honoree Dan Baudouin 

of The Providence Foundation.

2017 C&J honorees from the Providence Juvenile Hearing Board