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2020 Metcalf Media Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the

2020 Metcalf Media Awards!

Since 1988, RICJ has presented annual awards to journalists whose work promotes diversity and respect for all. It was established to honor Michael Metcalf, former publisher of The Providence Journal.


2020 Award winners and categories:



Award-Winning Work:

Kevin Andrade

Print Daily/Weekly

Casey Nilsson

Print Monthly/Quarterly

Zadi Zokou


Roberto Gonzalez &

STEAM Box Youth Team

Youth Journalism

Ana Gonzalez &

Alex Nunes




The Metcalf Diversity in the Media Award, organized by RICJ, was established in 1988 to posthumously honor Michael Metcalf, publisher of The Providence Journal. The Metcalf is Rhode Island's premier award recognizing journalists and media that do an exemplary job of showcasing the diversity of our region through stories that inspire and engage the public. The award educates about the media's centrality in our lives, and its

power to offer insights and information about the communities comprising

our state, in ways that dispel stereotypes and promote understanding. 

"The presence of journalists and community paying tribute to these awardees

is a testament to the importance of diversity in our state," says Dr. Toby Ayers,

Executive Director of Rhode Island for Community and Justice. 

Submissions are accepted at the beginning of each year, of articles,

broadcasts, blogs and other media  published in the previous year. Entries

must increase interest in or knowledge of diversity and inclusion, promoting

increased awareness or engagement by the public. 

Entries are limited to one (1) per author and judged by an independent panel

of judges convened by RICJ.  

For our 30th anniversary in 2018, we are honoring individuals who have been

"Game Changers" in encouraging excellence in diversity journalism!  Join us!  

Pictured above: Michael Metcalf, former publisher of The Providence Journal, for whom the Metcalf Media Awards were named.

2019 Metcalf Award Winners:

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2019 Metcalf Award winners

2019 Award winners and categories:


Tibisay Zea

Casey Nilsson

Kendall Moore

Denali Tiller

Roberto Gonzalez & STEAM Box Youth Team


Print Daily/Weekly

Print Monthly/Quarterly

Broadcast - Short Film

Broadcast - Feature Film

Youth Journalism

Award-Winning Work