Rhode Island Juvenile Hearing Boards
What is a Juvenile Hearing Board (JHB)?

A Juvenile Hearing Board (JHB) is a community-based diversion program. Members of the JHB are community volunteer residents of the city or town. The goal is to divert youth arrested for lower level offenses from Family Court, providing sanctions and referrals. Typically, JHB restorative justice meetings are 45 minutes, with a 15-30 minute follow-up 3 months later. The JHB has three goals: Restorative Justice, Prevention, and Community Investment. 


There are active Juvenile Hearing Boards in 30 of RI’s 39 cities and towns. JHBs hear about 400 cases per year across the state. The Rhode Island Justice Commission began JHBs in the 1980s by funding Coordinators. While those funds disappeared in the early 2000s, JHBs continued due to the dedication of their volunteers. RICJ began working with JHBs in 2009 and in recent years, FCCP/Family Care Community Partnership agencies have collaborated with JHBs to provide mental health services.  JHB outcomes are positive with low re-arrest rates for youth.  JHB objectives are:

  • Reduce the number/percentage of juvenile cases referred to Family Court and ultimately reduce the number of system-involved youth in RI.

  • Increase victim satisfaction and (if appropriate) potential involvement with youth offenders.

  • Reduce the likelihood that juvenile offenders will commit future crimes.

  • Improve competencies of youth offenders in areas such as school performance and behavior, family and peer relationships, anger management and other life skills.

  • Increase awareness of issues relating to youth and families within the community.

The 7 Typical Steps in a JHB Hearing 
Eligibility Requirements 
  • Appropriate cases for JHB review/Eligible cases include youth who:​

    • are referred to the Hearing Board

    • are under the age of 18

    • were arrested for an offense which, if committed by an adult, would be a misdemeanor crime.

    • reside and attend school in the city/town where JHB operates (or may have committed the offense there) 

    • sign a statement admitting to the charges, waiving their right to a Family Court hearing and agreeing to appear before the JHB and abide by the JHB's decision, and acknowledging that if they fail to comply with sanctions ordered by the Board, the case may be referred back to Family Court, and or the police department (parents or legal guardians must sign the same statement).

    • If the youth has appeared before the JHB on one previous occasion, they must have successfully completed all ordered sanctions, and their most recent alleged misconduct must be either a misdemeanor or truancy.


  • Typically, youth are NOT eligible for the JHB if they:

    • have previously been convicted of a crime, particularly a felony crime, in Family Court; 

    • are under Family Court jurisdiction at the time of the arrest;

    • are accused of drug offenses other than possession of alcohol;

    • are charged with a felony or multiple/serious violations. 

    • were referred to the Hearing Board previously, but did not fully comply with sanctions ordered by the Board; or

    • have been referred to the Hearing Board twice before, regardless of whether all sanctions ordered by the Board have been complied with.

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