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A Sincere Thank You to Our RICJ Community

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

For this week's Wednesday Words post, the RICJ staff and youth created a video and statement addressed to everyone who has supported our work in the last month and a half.


In recent weeks, we have received a wave of donations from individuals and organizations seeking to make Rhode Island a more just, inclusive and equitable place. From the staff, youth and Board of RICJ — thank you. We are humbled and energized by your generosity. These dollars will allow us to continue the vital work of fighting bias, bigotry and racism, and promoting understanding among all people in our state.

Your support will allow us to sustain our life-changing youth programs, as we work to train and empower the next generation of Rhode Island social justice leaders. Your donations ensure that the young people in the video message above (and many others) will have a place to laugh, grow, develop facilitation skills and reflect safely upon difficult truths in the world that aren't taught in school.

Your contributions to RICJ will also fund our ongoing work to implement a robust model of restorative justice for juveniles who are arrested in Rhode Island. We are committed to supporting, coordinating and securing more funding for the state's network of Juvenile Hearing Boards. These community-based groups connect vulnerable young people to essential services and divert them away from the courts. Your dollars will help us help them. We hope you will learn more about this program, and join us in advocating for it as a central part of creating a more effective, equitable and compassionate criminal justice system in the state.

Your gifts will also allow us to hold impactful community events (virtually, this year) like the annual Metcalf Awards for Diversity in the Media, which elevates works of journalism and storytelling that give voice to marginalized and underrepresented populations in the Rhode Island region. Making our media industry more diverse and inclusive—for both the people who work in it and those who are covered by it—is key to creating lasting change.

Just as we thank you for your generous donations in this moment, we invite you to stay connected with us in the months and years ahead. As long as there is social division and racism and inequity in Rhode Island, we will be working to end them, and we will need your ideas and your support. So please stay in touch, and please consider giving to us on a regular basis.

The issues we face as a society can be healed, resolved and reimagined. But only if we put our time and resources toward them, again and again, and don't stop. We must do this, we will do this, until an equitable world has been realized.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for your recent support:

Erica Busillo Adams

Rep. Edie Ajello

Align in Time

Luc Allio

Amica Companies Foundation


Keith Arsenault

Thomas Atkins III

Jim and Victoria Barnes

Beacon Insurance

Michael Bennett

Estelle Bernardi

Nicolette Bernardi

Mark Beveridge

David Blair

Henry Bohan

Jeffrey Bondorew

Caroline Breen

Aaron Broadbent

Jonathan Burke

Kelly Byerlee

Benjamin Cai

Nora Moreno Cargie

Mikaela Carrillo

Renee Chicoine

Kristen Connulty

Kelly Coutcher

Katherine Dantis

Delta Dental of RI

Bob and Rena DiMuccio Ann Donovan

The Drescher Family & Allie's Donuts

Madeline Federle

Fidelity Foundation Fidelity Giving Marketplace

Carlos Fragoso

Lisa Fuller

John Furlich

Catherine Garrett

Christine Gibau

Jordan Goffin

Dr. Alma Gottlieb Kendal Growe

Cynthia Hiatt Michael Hunsicker

Tom Iaconetti

International Berkeley Society

Thomas Jacobson

Javier Juarez

Kelsey Kirkpatrick

Lisa Lachance

Jean Myungjin Lee Lynne Linden

Benjamin Lipson

Matthew Lambton

Vin Marzullo

Sai Mgapu

Elieen McKinney

Kristen Meizoso

Kaitlyn Mitchell

Nicole Moreau

Roxanne Nelson

Kimberly Neves

Kate Orchard

Robin Osborne

Kurt Ostrow

Etta Parsons

Jonathan Pierce

Michael Pollock

Daniel Powers

City of Providence

Providence Shelter for Colored Children

Roberta Richman

Karla Rosenstein

Courtney Schmidt

Kelly Shea

Joanne Snodgrass

Lindsey Stonehart

Fran and Greg Thuotte

Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Desiree Van Nostrand

Washington Trust Company

Melanie Weiss

Joseph Wilkicki III

Katherine Winslow

Women's Fund of Rhode Island

Carol Young

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