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I can't breathe. I cannot BREATHE.

For this week's Wednesday Words, RICJ's Rose Albert wrote a personal reflection on the recent killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.


I can't breathe...

Which one of those words doesn’t make sense to you? Please, someone answer me.

Yet another solemn day in the community because power was abused. Someone felt superior, someone felt of higher status, higher class. Someone refused to grasp that we are ALL humans! Children of God, children brought into this world to live lives full of whatever the Creator has envisioned for us. When did the white man become GOD? Somebody tell me. Why is this our reality as people of color?

Why must we all wake up in this world and find it normal to turn on the news and see another black man taken from us too soon, just because. Taken by those who are supposed to keep the community safe. Clearly not my community.

I CANNOT BREATHE… I AM FRUSTRATED, sick to my stomach and UPSET.


I CANNOT BREATHE… I know they are not listening, they are not seeing blackness as humanity.

I CANNOT BREATHE… I would say that I am waiting for the positive outcomes of this, but I WOULDN’T HOLD MY BREATH because no matter what “justice” comes, a black man lost his life forever. GONE from his family and loved ones and GONE from his community.

Now tell me, how are you waking up this morning? How are you taking a breath knowing that your silence perpetuates this injustice? I await your answers.

Please note that these are my personal feelings regarding my reality. I encourage you to join me in speaking your own truth respectfully.

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